Request for Conciliation Counseling

In Arizona, prior to or at any time during an action for dissolution of marriage (divorce), legal separation or annulments, both or one spouse may request that the Court of Conciliation of the Superior Court in their county effect counseling for the purpose of preserving the marriage or reaching amicable settlement as to avoid future or continued litigation over the unresolved issues.

When making such request to the Court, the moving party must allege and describe the controversy that exits as between the spouses and further reference that in his/her belief assistance from the Court of Conciliation would aid the parties in conciliation or amicable settlement of the controversy. For additional requirements, please contact an experienced Arizona family law attorney like those that our Firm offers.

The Court is precluded by law from charging a fee for any request for Conciliation counseling. Moreover, once such request is filed, the spouses are precluded from filing an action for dissolution of marriage, legal separation or annulment for a period of sixty days. In the event such request was filed after filing of one of the aforementioned petitions, the action will be placed on stay for a period of at least sixty days. However, during that period all support maintenance or custody orders and all restraining orders issued by the Superior Court shall remain in full force and effect until modified or vacated by the Conciliation Court or until they expire on their own terms.

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